What Others Have To Say About Dave

"Dave delivers results."

I endorse Dave 100% His passion for success and drive for excellence transcends what people think are possible. From a sales team or business owner, Dave delivers results.
His intensity behind the scenes; attention to detail, and quantifying data is what sets him apart. Dave’s drive benefits his teams and partners exponentially. Not to mention, Fulk is a great mentor, listener, coach, speaker, and leader.

Mortgage Loan Originator & Credit Expert

"Working with Dave was & is an absolute pleasure."

He has an incredible way to look at problems through various lenses, identify tangible solutions, and create action items that drive success and results. He’s a brilliant thinker, visionary & thought leader with a track record to prove it!

Strategy. Marketing. Technology Expert

"I have seen Dave excel as an executive."

Who is comfortable in a board room to rolling-his-sleeves-up and fighting in the trenches with front line employees. He has performed miracles on tight budgets and generated millions in revenue through unique insights and hard work. I have worked with Dave for several years and hope to continue working with him for many many more!

Pilot and Flight Instructor, Digital Marketer, Entreprenuer

"He just Einstein(ed) my business."

Dave just took my business into his ears, processed it, and spit back out a simple understanding of a complex problem. Thank you for the e=mc^2 one liner! Dave is also a professional straight shooter. Work with him.

Creator | Mental Health Advocate | Teammate | Thinker

"He’s a hard worker who treats his clients the way he would want to be treated."

I’ve known Dave for 25 years, he is basically family to me. Dave is one of those guys who will literally give you the shirt off of his back. He has always had a very strong work ethic and that is the main reason he’s been successful in every field he’s ever worked in. Throughout the years I have watched Dave’s journey to where he is and I will tell you that I am very proud of him. 

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer at nbkc bank

"He doesn’t let anything stop him from success, and he lays the groundwork to make sure of that."

I have known and worked with Dave for many years on various projects across several industries. It doesn’t matter what the job is; Dave will be there to get it done and get it done right. When a problem arises, he carefully examines different pathways for his team to reach their goals before charging full speed ahead. 

UX Designer/ Researcher

"Dave is an innovative problem solver, knowledgeable mentor, and strategic investor."

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave for the last 3 years and collaborating on several wide-ranging projects to which he’s brought tremendous value to. All traits and skills meant to guide people and businesses right direction. Dave earns my highest recommendation!

President & Co-Founder at Vū

"Dave Fulk delivers and is a person that stands by his word."

When he says he will call he calls. When he says he will do something it is done. I have much respect for Dave and his team. They are truly professionals and focus on getting things done. I am honestly glad that I have someone like Dave on my side. Pleasure doing business with Dave.

Author | Speaker | Cyclist

"It’s been an honor getting to know and to work with Dave."

His commitment to his clients and business partners is outstanding. Dave’s most recent project has been to bring high quality training and information to his clients and others he works with. His honesty, integrity and hard work and dedication have made his core business and this new project a success. Thanks Dave!
Attorney, Start Up Advisor, Board Member

"Dave knows his field well and is a great asset to his company."

He is intelligent, hard working, and has always been responsive to the numerous interactions I have had with him in the past.

Attorney | Bankruptcy Law | Foreclosure Defense

"Dave is an enigma wrapped in a tesseract, constantly focused on improving his skills and talents while serving others."

His sense of humor is educational, just ask him how he makes a PBn’J sandwich! Dave is the kind of guy you want to have on your side in an epic battle, he never gives up or quits. Especially worth mentioning is Dave’s commitment to his team, this guy will make himself available at the oddest hours, because he really cares.
Business problems require root cause solutions.

"One of the best I’ve ever known in over 25 years..."

In business at recognizing a unique skill set or effective efficiency’s in employees and implementing a simple plan for them to utilize those attributes in a proficient and profitable ways in both their career and life in general. An overall good guy that I had the privilege to both work for and with.

Chief Executive Officer of A1 Solutions Group LLC

"Dave is a Supreme Connector."

He has been essential to our company growth. Dave was able to help us identify and capitalize on a large opportunity. Without his guidance we would not have had such a successful transaction. I look forward to working with him on future deals.

Finacial Strategy Expert

"I have known Dave for several years."

There are only a few individuals I have met over my 26 years in business I would follow, and Dave is one of those. If your looking for leadership, out of the box thinker, a marketing and sales expert, Dave is your guy.

Managing Partner at Infinity Credit and Financial Services

"The Difference Between Knowledge And Success Is Action."

I’m ALL about action takers. So if you think we should talk ASAP, just skip the rest of the website and book a call with me below. BUT don’t waste my time!