Why Should I Care About Being More Visible Online

Because people are going online before they’re making their decisions. In the last three years alone, there’s been an increase in 617% of people going online to research an individual or a business before they decide to do business with them.

The crazier fact of that, 95% of people believe what they read online, true or not, just like their mom told them they should work with this person. They have the same trust and authority as a review online about that.

So, 74% of people have already made up their mind of who they’re going to work with before they ever talked to that company or individual.

So, you’ll hear a lot about, “Oh, lead generation and closing leads, and what’s your lead closing percentage?” And 74%, three quarters of your opportunity to do business with somebody is based on what they find out about you on Google before you ever talk.

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